To Do More Than It Is Expected – Three Lifehacks From a Business Analyst

To Do More Than It Is Expected – Three Lifehacks From a Business Analyst

How to work efficiently and not to drown oneself in a daily routine? How to keep interest in the job even for many years? How not to lose skills having fallen into the same trap? A business analyst from the company EPAM Systems, Roman Sakharov, has shared his experience.

About the values of BA

A lot of jobs combine business and analytics, but exactly IT developer, dealing with such things, is exceptional.

A business analyst is a person who monitors creating an appropriate product, whilst PM monitors implementing a project by appropriate methods.

BA has to concentrate on the importance of services for users, and to understand for what we started the project, from a business position.

Робити більше, ніж очікують: три лайфхаки від бізнес-аналітика

Besides, he is a main link and interpreter of business conceptions for development and vice versa.

About the community

Within communities you should encourage people to share their knowledge. Doing so, you will have an efficient community.

Combine professionals and newcomers in one team. The first ones have already had some achievements, and the second ones have not reached their “comfort” position yet. It is crucial to get profs interested, and juniors – motivated.

Feel free to give people enough chances for “right to make mistakes”, as after the tenth mistake professional competence is acquired.

Keep in mind, that ideal is impossible to attain, because you will always want to improve something. However, in cooperation with people, trust and communication are essential, even if at the beginning you cannot find common ground.

Try to understand your partner before he or she starts talking to you. How, you will ask? This rule is absolute for business clients as well. Spend as much time as possible with a person, and analyze what stimulates him or her to work.

And the most important point: PM, BA and Agile community are, first of all, people listening to the same music as you, and probably they like the same films and have similar ambitions.

Business consists of people, and communities are organized by the same principle. Do not lose an opportunity to spend time in a colleague company, even if it is an extra piece of pizza, but perhaps, a necessary shoulder next to you, when you have to tackle some problem.

About mentoring

Mentor is a personal teacher and instructor. He helps to use in practice knowledge and to know business analysis more profoundly.

On my mentoring course I tell how theoretical techniques are implemented into practice. And, whether it is worth using them at all.

A mentor must teach a person to love what you study. He must be genuinely interested in theory and practical skills. If you take a mentor role, try to structure your trainings, to deliver your information logically and in an available format for a person.

It is worth making notes for recollecting and revising. 

Also, a business trainer must be enthusiastic about an aspect or idea. As loving what you teach, always encourages people to know why this guy’s eyes are glowing when he tells about this or that.


Without hesitation communicate with older and younger age groups. Mentoring is like a teacher, but just “a bit more a friend”.

And there is no more happiness than to share your knowledge with somebody.

Робити більше, ніж очікують

Three big failures for BA


робити більше, ніж очікують

Somebody says that it helps to see an entire picture of work, but in fact, it exhausts. For BA it is extremely nonproductively.

When there is more information than you can analyze, reduce the number of internet resources, just review the ones you trust.

Focus on one, but competent result. Do not try to accomplish several missions equally well.

In addition, in multitasking conditions a stress hormone, cortisol, is produced. It affects work efficiency. So, multitasking nowadays is more a bad habit which is better to get rid of.

Inappropriate priorities

To Do More Than It Is Expected – Three Lifehacks From a Business Analyst

Inappropriate priorities

Divide the tasks into high-priority and low-priority, even before arriving at your working place.

Do not have too long meetings and too frequent tea breaks.

Not to decrease work efficiency because of obligatory business correspondence, check the mail at a fixed time.

Inability to say a firm “no!”

It is not worth trying to get everybody’s affection, as you have been hired not for this. Make up an optimal phrase for refusal. This can be synonyms or concise explanations. Psychologists recommend that you must not be afraid of protecting your own interests or a company’s interests, as it makes you more responsible and confident.

To Do More Than It Is Expected – Three Lifehacks From a Business Analyst

3 lifehacks from BA

  • Aim at going an extra mile and doing more than it is expected from you.
  • Challenge stipulated standards. Read specialized books and reports regularly.
  • Acquire thorough knowledge of theory basics of what you will deal with later, especially when you do not have enough practice yet. Then theory will create basis for acquiring practical experience.
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