Sport as a Lifestyle: Recommendations from Lviv IT-Marathon Runners

Sport as a Lifestyle: Recommendations from Lviv IT-Marathon Runners

Yoga, vegetarianism, jogging – what don’t we come up with, just not to sit in the office all the life (joking). Somebody does sport as an amateur, and some people – professionally. has interviewed some experts in healthy lifestyle, how they manage to be in good shape, and how it is better to care about health for long years ahead, even if your work requires sitting at the laptop from the morning to night.

What is it for?

Nowadays sport has become such a global trend that sports sections and special schools are almost in every city area. You can choose chess, or even body-building. If professional sport is not your cup of tea, active recreation is available for all interested people.

If you are keen on extreme kinds of sports and adrenaline, then snowboarding, parachuting, roller skating and even regular daily gymnastics wait for you.

If you like music of a fitness-hall, training with an instructor and phyto-cocktails among like-minded people, then your way is to a sports club. Moreover, it can be also a good opportunity to spend your time with the family or friends.

However, you should not forget that doing sport is first of all a physical exercise, so a proper nutrition and a balanced ration will allow you to restore your strength and not to feel tiredness.

Just make some efforts, and not only your self-discipline will start working, and your organism will improve its endurance too. Doing sport will keep your health, give you a vigorous look and a good mood. After sport, you will return to work being more upbeat.

How do they manage to do it?


Andrii Kohut, QA Engineer in Limelight networks,

half-marathon runner

Generally, I have never done sport, most of my life I spent at a computer, games console and some studying.

At school I was an excellent student, and I got my physical training mark automatically. It was for a long time. I even tried to go in for sport, I bought membership cards in a sports club, but I did not attend it.
Everything has changed since I started working on the project which was developing a fitness-platform for runners. As I worked as a testing examiner, I wanted to understand how runners use this product in real life. Thus, I began to run.

At first, I was covering 1-km distances, next – 2,5-km. Having covered 10 km, I had a feeling as if I had run a marathon. Last year I ran a half-marathon the first time, but I was running for myself, without participation in the race.

Also, I have already had three medals.

Sport as a Lifestyle: Recommendations from Lviv IT-Marathon Runners

For those people who want to try to find exactly their kind of sports, I would recommend first trying to look for something.

The main thing is to set goals. To train without goals is very hard and ineffective.

The race in Lviv last autumn was the most memorable for me. You run, and hundreds of people support you, shouting, calling out something for you. It was a mega support giving you extra strength.

Спорт як стиль життя - поради від львівських ІТ марафонців

Referring nutrition, when you exercise regularly, you start to feel what is worth eating and what is not. If I have dumplings (pelmens) for lunch, it will be very difficult to have a run in the evening.

I try to train three times a week.

Спорт як стиль життя - поради від львівських ІТ марафонців

My sports dream? Short-term – a marathon. Long-term – “iron man”.

Formula of warming up

A simple variant is to start running with a very slow pace, and to accelerate when I warm up. Also, sometimes I open various warmups in YouTube and train.


Valerii Shypunov, СТО in Innocode,

ultramarathon runner

I have already run trails and ultratrails for a long time. Besides, I do yoga.

It gives me freedom, an opportunity to be alone with nature, and to run along a route of a week- hike around the Carpathians.

And I like yoga, because it is a sport you do not need to compete in.

Most of all, I liked my running 110km distance with taking altitude over 6,500 metres in the Austrian Alps Grossglockner Ultratrail (GGUT) last year. The track was around the highest mountain of Austria, Grossglockner (3798m), but without running to the top itself. Among the participants there were 176 people, but 124 people finished, as there were too difficult conditions. I finished the 43d in a general classification.

And also, it was cool to run from Ivano-Frankivsk to Lviv (across Rohatyn). I covered this 138km distance for 17 hours 17 minutes. As I had planned.

I knew this road quite well: location of petrol stations, shops, where you can take water and food. My running was in autumn, before the beginning of frost. Being aware of fogs and running early mornings and evenings when it is dark, I decided to do something in order to be seen on the way. I put on a blinking jacket, giving signals, and behind I put a flickering light on my backpack. Also, I took a forehead torch.

And recently I have taken part in Lviv half-marathon.

Sport as a Lifestyle: Recommendations from Lviv IT-Marathon Runners

For those ones who want to find their own certain kind of sports, I recommend looking for and not stopping. Listen to yourself, what is after your heart. Listen to your body.

Relating to nutrition, I want red meat less, but I did not refuse from it totally. In addition, now I get more interested in Ayurveda, so I like legumes which are rich in carbohydrates. For example, lentils.

I train 4-5 times a week. For intensive months I cover 100-120 km, so I cover 400 km for a month.

I dream to run 5 hours feeling pleasure. Currently, 2-5 hours with pleasure, then – pain.

Formula of warming up

Я рекомендую вправу з йоги – сурья-намаскара. Так зване “привітання Сонцю”. Це певна послідовність асан, мантри і медитація.

I recommend a yoga exercise, suria-namaskara. The so-called, “Greetings to the Sun”. This is a certain sequence of asanas, mantras and meditation.

Suria-namaskara is a very well-known technique in yoga, one of the most popular methods for keeping health and energetic active life.

This set of exercises is considered to be also a powerful aerobics element in doing yoga, as 34% of maximum oxygen reserve is used doing it. And stay healthy!

Sport as a Lifestyle: Recommendations from Lviv IT-Marathon Runners

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