IT Woman: What Kind of Girls Create IT of Lviv Today?

IT Woman: What Kind of Girls Create IT of Lviv Today?

Concerning “woman’s face of IT” there are a lot of myths and secrets. Is a woman in IT beautiful, successful, and active? Is it easy? How do they manage to create one of the leading industries of the world? breaks stereotypes and offers you a cocktail of beauty and intelligence.


Kateryna Zolotariova

SEO-specialist, currently developing her agency

“I have come to IT” by chance. I worked as a psychologist after graduation of the university. At some moment I realized that work with people exhausted me very much. I remembered that since school I liked studying structure of sites, it was very interesting how they function. So, on the quiet, I learnt SEO-advance and optimization. And I got a position in a cool agency right after the first interview. Since then, SEO and internet-marketing have been my one love.


Zhanna Yuskevych

Mobile lead, Solutions Architect in Teamvoy

In autumn 2009, studying on the third course of Applied Mathematics in I. Franko LNU, I heard from someone I know that Java developer for a small mobile application is needed. I decided to apply for this. Thus, I started working, combining studying, work and extramural studying at the Academy of Arts.

After the first project, I got others. Technologies were changing, but specification of mobile applications was not. So far, my arsenal has included over ten completed projects, moderating community of iOS-developers of ObjC, Fans, guidance of several start-ups, and a platform for writing short poetry and prose –


Maryana Solop

QA Team Lead in RocketRoute

It has been already four years since I began my career in IT, from a functional tester to a manager of QA team. I went to QA, because I liked to break things, but now I am more interested in helping young specialists learn to think outside of the box. And it is cool to improve at one level with developers. It is never boring in QA.


Ivanna Herasym

QA in Symphony Solutions

“I came to IT when I met my boyfriend, a programmer. He encouraged me to complete a course of software testing and to become QA. And as I have already dreamed to work in IT, so I decided to go to this sphere. Therefore, having graduated from a law faculty, I became not a lawyer, but an “IT-woman”.


Viktoriia Yatsentiuk

Front-end Developer in Innocode

I knew about Innocode from someone I know, who used to tell me about this company during our lunches. I got interested in it. By the moment when I realized that I wanted to be a programmer, I had already had a Diploma of an Accountant. That is why, I got into self-education. I have been studying day and night. Actually, I doubted that I would get in IT, because of not having technical education. But fortunately, in this sphere they focus more on knowledge rather than having a diploma.

At the moment, there are all conditions for my development, and I am very happy about it.


Yuliia Kryval

Digital Marketing Manager in SoftServe

After returning from a training exchange in Berlin, I realized that my Ukrainian Interpreter Diploma would unlikely become my bread-and-butter. So, with all enthusiasm of youthful maximalism, I asked the teacher, who at that moment was working at SoftServe Marketing Department, to take me for a free exploitation for a month. Just to gain experience outside a starter pack #Iamalinguist.

After the first month they asked me if I would be interested in permanent employment as a content specialist. I have been in the team for almost three years so far. Since then I have become a Digital Marketing Manager. Currently I control development of the site and other digital assets and communications of the company at the external market.


Olha Reminna

Engagement Manager in SoftServe

My story of the beginning of my career in IT demonstrates various work opportunities in this area. Almost five years ago I was attracted by an unordinary vacancy of an adviser in career issues (Career Advisor). I did not pass an interview due to absence of HR experience.

But soon afterwards, I was invited for an interview for a position of a Training Coordinator. Thus, I started working in the company organizing internal and external trainings for our employees. After the first year and a half on this position, I moved to the Department of Sales of Outsourcing Services as an Engagement Manager, where I work so far.

IT Woman: What Kind of Girls Create IT of Lviv Today?

Viktoriia Martsynkiv (Kotova)

BA in Zuman

I have been in IT not for long, for almost a year. I am a jeweler artist by education. I have never thought that I would work in IT. I have always considered that it is boring and uninteresting to sit at the computer all day. But thanks to my work as a model and contacts with people, I was offered to work in IT. At first, everything was incomprehensible, but gradually this office life involves you. People with whom you spend every day, become a family for you. Now I have a dream to learn Ruby.

IT Woman: What Kind of Girls Create IT of Lviv Today?

Halka Aleksandrova

Senior Test Engineer Consultant in GlobalLogic

#IhavebeeninIT already for about three years. This area turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me, its people, approaches to task solutions, career opportunities, in particular. The atmosphere itself encourages you to develop.

I was starting from the level of QA Trainee. In GlobalLogic I have learnt everything that I deal with now. Although, before this I had not had a technical basis. I was taking the information as a sponge, and I wanted very much not to be different from more experienced colleagues. In several years I managed to advance to QA Lead. Now I am a mentor for newcomers.

IT Woman: What Kind of Girls Create IT of Lviv Today?

Olesia Manko

HR, currently a free-lancer

My first meeting with IT specialists took place in the context of Lviv Freelance Forum. I was so excited about the atmosphere and frankness of people, that it became a push to get interested in the area. I had had an experience of working with children, but having worked as HR for a year, I can say that it is easier with children!

People in IT are straightforward and frank, and this is what I like about it, and in general, it is very valuable. There is something to learn from the people I meet here, they inspire. And also, in IT sphere I like challenges to the present, innovations and destroying the framework.

IT Woman: What Kind of Girls Create IT of Lviv Today?

Kseniia Kobryn

Agile office Lead in Symphony Solutions, founder of Agile space platform

My way in IT began from studying in Karlsruhe University of Technology (Germany). It was a thorny way, with many days spent in the library.

During the last ten years I have been working with scrum teams and I have been organizing Agile space in IT organizations. All this is in combination with being a mother of two little princesses.

For me, Agile is a lifestyle. This is a transparency, trust, real-life communication and a rapid adjustment to changes. They are my principal values at home and at work. So, we try to cooperate as one team in our working and family life.

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