IT Weekend: 10 Theses about Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Cyber Security

The company SoftServe has assembled experts from the leading Ukrainian companies and from abroad (London) at the conference ІТ Weekend: Research&Security. The experts and participants were discussing technologies, disappearance of privacy, Ukraine’s place at the world market and innovative research in the area of artificial intelligence. has noted down the most interesting opinions.

1. Orestis Georgiou, a researcher, owner of patents and an ex-employee of Toshiba Telecommunications Research, a leading expert of R&D.

“It is difficult to explain research, although nowadays the society aims at science development and at last focuses on it considerably. However, for instance, if you have chosen a blue sky as a subject of your research, or some revolutionary technologies which are very difficult to understand in the beginning for average public, you should explain what you do it for. To do it, networking helps. Public involvement is one of the crucial targets in scientists’ priorities.

Our new development in Ultrahaptics allows getting feedback without touching. It can be useful in medicine, virtual reality, games. I hope, new educational programmes being implemented at universities will consider these inventions too. Therefore, scientists must share their achievements, not keep them closed in laboratories.”

2. Yana Teranis, an organizer of IT Weekend

“This conference has assembled over a hundred of people. It differs from the previous one by its participants. People from various companies, professionals for whom it is important to acquire new knowledge, a lot of CEOs, guests from London have gathered here. Unique visitors and an interesting atmosphere are crucial here. You can meet people who can become business partners in the future.

We have also taken into account people’s wishes. So, we made an event maximum adaptive for acquisition of knowledge, no morning registration or round-tables late in the evening, everything is in maximum convenient hours for acquisition of information, so to get an active productive weekend. Besides, you can have a rest in the open air in a complex “Drevnii Hrad”. We hope, in such a way new information will be remembered faster.”

3. “Values of data must be valuable.” (small-talk of the participants during the break)

This year a team Security of the company SoftServe has received an award “Cybersecurity Team of the Year” among “ethical” hackers and specialists in internet-security of the East European region. The prize has been given for the participation in the contest Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

4. “In the times of computerization you must prevent blocking the door of your home by your microwave oven. Smart-home must have a soul as well.” (from the talks during lunch)

Developers must focus on the fact that artificial intelligence and machine engineering must not control human. Machine is your friend, assistant, not a commander. A man just masters new skill with the help of a machine, man creates new opportunities, but man does not obey to what is given to him by machine. At present, world specialists who research virtual and augmented reality, miniaturization and security, work on this issue.

For example, putting on virtual reality glasses and going among skyscrapers, you should realize that you stand on the board 10 cm above the pavement. This is just one more way to develop your imagination.

5. Nazar Tymoshyk, before – Security Consultant Lead in SoftServe, currently – UnderDefence

“It is very important to keep privacy. When a machine can identify your face in the photo, you should think twice which photos to post and where.

They made up a good manouevre: the signing up is free, to delete your account is 20 $. And you did not read those tiny letters to the end.

The security issue is kind of a solution of secret special agents. You do not see them, but they care about you. Or they work against you, depending on which side you are.

Nobody wants his or her consciousness to be manipulated. We are imposed on hundreds of unnecessary things, and even children at an early age begin to want what society has imposed on them. That is why, to keep cleanness of our information space is a key task.”

6. Vlad Styran, Director of Operations in Berezha Security

“We should differentiate violent acts from “white hacking” among latest hacker tools and potential counteractions. Violent acts aiming at intentional interference are called cyberespionage. They do not have anything in common with paid work.

And for money, you work on identifying cybervulnerability. This positive hacking aims at showing weak places in a system to which attention must be paid.”

7. Mykola Maksymenko, Research Lead in SoftServe R&D

“We have just developed a new system of filtering biosygnals using deep neural networks as filters. We plan to use it in a new version BioLock.

It took more than three months since the testing of the idea of “how to recognize people from a cardiogram”, about which we had known from scientific articles, to implement BioLock prototype. It is possible to employ this development in various areas, from credit cards being active only when their owners hold them in the hands, to a usual bicycle rental.

It is also interesting to research new areas of employing artificial intelligence. As our environment is a part of ourselves, so we can combine these things. Only we should keep in mind the fact how well our environment feels us. In R&D our group is working now on implementing AI in various products.

Also, we have been working a lot on recognizing diseases and person’s states, from biosygnals. Now we focus on visual identification of people with high precision which would allow using their own faces, as a ticket for a concert or an entrance pass to an office.”

8. Lana Maliovana, CEO at

“You will not need a mouse or a keyboard in games with our clip. This is a feeling of freedom. The development does not have problems with customization, and also, it is easily put on the hand. Over 5,000 people have already tested it. Mostly, men at the age from 18 to 35. This is a new look into the future.”

9. Oleksandr Sukholeister, Principal Technologist in SoftServe

“You can know a pin-code or password, you can have ID Card, but, first of all, you are a person with a heart, eyes, hands and a face. This is a key to recognize everything.”

10. Semen Frish, VR/AR Engineer in SoftServe

“The majority of people do not care much about inventing superweapons against you in a game. They are usually simple basic things. But they appeal to your instincts, imagination and level of development. You cannot get enough of objects, when you want to go through everything. I have been creating games since I was 12. And I see that technologies change, while human resources and opportunities depend on each person.”

Photo Ivan Ischenko

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