How To Become Successful Sales? (and to improve communication skills)

Self-organization, mutual respect, initiative? What characteristics must sales have to be considered successful? Ihor Nakonechnyi, a founder of the company NanoDuck and HappyPro, the head of the First Lviv IT Sales School, told how to communicate with people effectively.

– How to deal with the American clients, as they have their own approach to work. Is any familiarity acceptable? What are the main principles of communication?

– To work with the American clients is the easiest, as I have lived in the USA for two years, and I know their mentality very well. Their work requirements include certain unwritten rules, difficult to predict for people not in the know. Basically, they are self-organization, mutual respect, initiative and eagerness. If you really love what you do, you have more chances to get them as clients.

Familiarity with a client is acceptable only if he or she initiates it, but even so it must be done with respect and without excesses.

The main principles of communication with the Americans? Honesty, frankness, precision, conciseness, initiativity, ability to listen to and hear. But the most important thing is a willingness to help, not to foist a service/product.

– How to hold a conversation to be heard and understood? And to get a result?

– The first impression is important. You should listen, ask questions which help you to solve a client’s problem more efficiently.

– How to achieve success in communication with “difficult” people?

– Most “difficult” people have some unmet needs which caused some communication and general lifestyle distortions, and also distorted perception of reality and surrounding people. Trying to appeal to satisfying emotional needs of such people, we “soften” this “difficulty”. But this is a demanding and hard work.

– How are the American customers different from the European clients?

– In most cases they are easier to communicate and agree, and this is, probably, the main thing.

– How to improve as sales? Which characteristics you must have and develop?

There are some points:

  • Permanently to work with your English level.
  • To be a realistic optimist.
  • Not to accept “no” as the answer.
  • To develop congnitive and emotional empathy (ability to hear).
  • To be initiative and hard-working.

– Which books about communication skills do you recommend?

– For example, “A Language of Life. Nonviolent Communication” by Marshall Rosenberg.

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